Misty Mornings

“A misty morning does not signify a cloudy day.”    Ancient Proverb

It’s a misty morning right now in my neck of the woods, which makes pondering these words of wisdom seem perfectly natural. Who among us hasn’t let our heart sink when it’s grey and rainy outside — and allowed that somber tone to color the rest of the twenty-four hours we’ve been gifted with? And on the flip side, how many of us have felt our own inner eagerness spill out into the day and transform it, no matter what’s happening outside us?

Whether it’s raining where you are or sunny, let’s count a few of the ways in which “a misty morning does not signify a cloudy day” — the ways in we can thrive and be fruitful today:

We can remember that misty mornings are often followed by sunshine: However “overcast” and grey we’re feeling when we come to the page, just the act of working can help lift our mood. At any moment, we can find a great word, an elegant phrase, a new idea — these can make the sun shine for us. Our mood can lift in an instant.

We can remember that mist often disappears on its own: Even if our energy feels low and our idea bank seems empty, we can still set to work with a will, confident that “the work itself will teach us,” and that our feelings of inadequacy or confusion are just temporary. As we get more involved and focused on what we’re doing, the fog often burns away revealing the truth of just what we need to do next.

We can remember that mist nourishes the earth: Just as mist brings much-needed moisture to the earth and fosters growth deep inside it, so moments when we can’t quite see where we’re going can ultimately be very fruitful. They force us to work on just what is in front of us, to be in the present, to find our way through one moment and then the next. Sometimes not being able to see what’s ahead of us is exactly what we need to concentrate.

We can remember that mist is magical: When mist shrouds the earth, it creates endless possibilities: It can envelop the entire day or lift and reveal the sun. It can soften the edges of things and change their relationships to each other. It can be comforting and encourage us to turn to our inner landscape and explore it. It can remind us of fairies and gnomes who may be holding court and frolicking, unseen by human eyes. Who knows?

So if like me, you’re having a misty day, count yourself lucky and write on!


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