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“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”  Albert Camus

Feeling under par when it comes to energy with the time change? I know I am. Tinkering with time can make it challenging to keeping our writing going. Here are some simple ways we can all give ourselves a boost even when the daylight’s in shorter supply:*

Apple a day: These juicy treats really deliver. Grab one when you hit an energy lull and Australian scientists say you’ll feel a surge of energy within 10 minutes. Why? These crunchy treats are packed with nutrients that power up muscle cells to burn more fatty acids. Eat one a day and another unique nutrient (ursolic acid) will increase the growth of your muscle tissue, which will boost muscle and overall stamina by 25%!

Add avocado: These green gems are full of energy nutrients. Add half an avocado to a meal and you can easily enjoy a 28% energy up tick within 30 minutes, say Canadian scientists. Savor their creamy goodness daily on salads or as guacamole and you can give even chronic tiredness the boot in a week. How? Avocado’s healthy fats and potassium strengthen sluggish adrenal glands, which help boost energizing hormones.

Orange power: Feeling a bit low in energy as the day goes on? Try reaching for a juicy orange or adding slices to your salad. The aroma and flavor of citrus fruits increases the production of energizing beta waves, so you’ll feel more alert within seconds. And British scientists say that the natural fruit acids in oranges boost the ability of our cells to convert food into ATP — the body’s key energy enzyme. The effect is so potent that a daily orange can lower your risk of daytime energy lulls by 33%.

Potato power: For a long-lasting, 2-hour energy charge, treat yourself to ½ a cup of sweet potatoes. They’re packed with beta-carotene, which helps our overworked adrenal glands produce more energizing adrenaline, Yale University scientists report. Plus, they boost
liver enzymes and flush out energy sapping toxins. A daily serving can rev up your pep throughout the day by 55%.

Chickpea champs: Eating just ½ cup of chickpeas at a meal can rev up your energy levels for 2-1/2 hours, Australian scientists assert. Rich in fiber, these tasty treats slow carb absorption, which steadies post-meal blood-sugar levels. And there’s more: Minerals in chickpeas boost insulin and help cells turn blood sugar into fuel, cutting the risk of future energy dips by 50%.

Wine Wonders: Enjoying a glass of wine may be just what the doctor ordered. Sipping 6 ounces can chase away grogginess in 20 minutes and unwinding with wine nightly can increase your overall stamina and brain function by 45%, say Boston University scientists. How? Wine’s phenolic acid and alcohol relax blood vessels, increasing the flow of nutrient-packed blood to brain and muscle cells.

OK, apples, potatoes, oranges, and avocados are now on the menu as we all write on!

* These energizing tips come to us from First for Women (November 13, 2017)

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