Something Wonderful

This evocative poem is from Anthem: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen (see “Beguiling Music):

The Stranger at the Door

Richard Paul & Ron Bremner

Hello, you who are the stranger
who knows exactly who you are
I see you coming from afar
I know you are my splendid danger.

When you knock upon my door
I rush to find a jug of wine
Something that will fill the time
And drown our dreams a quest for more

In this fairy tale world of make believe
I strive to find a way out of the box
where grief and despair are unbreakable locks
in a world which only I could conceive.

Soon it will end, but it won’t smell of bliss
The scent will be more of a conscious new creed
I will give up my life for this risky new breed
of salient rascals who wistfully hiss

Lenny, you’ve come this way before
Don’t lead me to the exit door
Just teach me truths I can ignore
Or exchange them at the software store.

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