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Publishing is such a dynamic field! New pathways for writers are always cropping up. While these opportunities have to be carefully vetted, some of them can be well worth investigating. One that’s come to my attention is Inkitt, a boutique publisher, with what appears to be a promising model: It combines readership involvement, marketing expertise, and publishing resources to shepherd new books in a range of genres into print.

Submission is free and Inkitt is currently running a contest. The deadline: January 31st. You retain all rights to your work while it is on Inkitt, and you can withdraw at any time. The only requirement: a novel must be 20,000 words or more and written in English. If reader feedback is robust, Inkitt offers authors publishing contracts and the support of a professional marketing team.

In a nutshell, here’s how it works: Every book uploaded and entered in Inkitt’s submission “sweepstakes” goes through a readership analysis aimed at gathering data on how engaged readers are and pinpoint the book’s ideal audience. According to its publicity, this allows Inkitt “to identify novels that have bestseller potential and gain crucial information about its readership, even before publication, allowing the publishing team to elaborate a very targeted marketing strategy.” 

Inkitt’s first novel launched in 2016, and since then, according to its publicity, the venture has published over 30 Amazon Bestsellers. More details:

  • 4 winners will be selected after submissions close on January 31st
  • You retain all rights to your stories while posted on Inkitt
  • All genres except fan fiction are accepted
  • No short story collections
  • Authors must own all rights to their work
  • Multiple entries are allowed
  • Previously or currently self-published books are accepted
  • Publishing decision are made based on reader engagement.

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