Another Voice

A story: A young writer was interviewing a symphony orchestra conductor from Eastern Europe who had just been released from prison where he spent years of isolation because of his political views. After asking a number of questions about politics, the reported turned to music: “What in your opinion is the most beautiful piece of music ever written?” he asked.

The maestro thought about this for a while without answering. The reporter pressed on with this line of questioning: “While you were in isolation what did you want most to hear?” What music would have come to mind then as the most beautiful?”

“In the whole world?”

“In the whole world!” the reporter answered.

“In the whole world,” the maestro said with tears in his eyes, “the most beautiful music is the sound of another voice.”

What a touching story* – it almost brings tears to my eyes just to capture it on paper. For me, it is a reminder, in an odd way, about the importance of words and writing. Here’s why:

As writers, we are part of a long tradition of storytelling, of creating voices. We speak to others across time and space. Just think of it! Homer, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf – all the voices of these glorious writers share their heart’s music with us. What a miracle!

As writers, we are “another voice” on the page – we have the chance to speak through words, just as a musician speaks through music. We have the chance to share what we’ve experienced, what matters to us, what we know and want others to know as well.

As writers, we tell the stories that give voice to many voices – some real, some imagined, but all carrying the burden of what it means to be human, to love and laugh, to know pain and loss. What a gift!

As writers, we can speak out for the voices that can no longer speak – the forgotten souls, the silenced souls, the lost souls, the souls that have gone unheard and may still go unheard unless we rescue them. We give their voices and their stories life.

What a gift we bring to the world – let’s carry it forth proudly as we all write on!

* This story comes to us via Dr. Rob Gilbert. Be sure to check out his wonderful Success Hotline: 973.743.4690.



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