Diving In

“Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.”              Samuel Johnson

A fascinating creative fact: George Gershwin conjured up most of his ideas for his marvelous musical compositions by just sitting at the piano and playing. He didn’t wait for inspiration to strike. He would just hit various chords, play a bit of this and a bit of that – just playing around — and pretty soon something would come to him. All through his career he proved over and over again that the way to learn how to do anything is simply to do it.

“The work itself will teach you” — this old Estonian proverb comes to mind when I think of how George mastered his music. So often, we let what we believe we don’t know or don’t have get in the way of doing what we want to do.

Why not drop all this “don’t have” baggage and just dive in to the work at hand and let it show us the way? When we do this, like a fabulous song springing from George’s knowing fingers, great things can happen:

We instantly spring over the obstacles that might hold us back – they simply aren’t in play – they aren’t part of our process.

We signal to the universe that we are on call and primed for action – we are ready and willing to work, to do the job we

We bring the spirit of joy to our work – a free and easy playfulness and sense of fun. We lighten up and open the door to our imagination.

We tap into our deep creative well – we get out of our own way and when we do, inspiration and ideas can bubble up to the surface and we can catch them.

So let’s dive in today — let’s play around with words the way George played with notes and see what happens as we all write on!

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