Six Miracles

“There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.”   Albert Einstein

Love this quote! My ever-inspiring friend and writing buddy Nancy has Albert’s joyous words emblazoned on beautiful flag that hangs on the inside door to her apartment. Whenever I visit, it reminds me that there are miracles everywhere.

Just yesterday, in fact, six mini-miracles came my way:

Miracle #1: It was pouring rain when I went for an early morning walk, but I was cozy because a friend had just given me a gorgeous red-and-blue umbrella.

Miracle #2: As I was walking back home, I met the very friend who gave me the umbrella. I was just thinking about emailing him when he magically appeared.

Miracle #3: A delivery arrived that will prove very useful, saving me time.

Miracle #4: A friend reset our lunch, which gave me more writing hours.

Miracle #5: I found the perfect William James quote for my “Smart Start” blog post.

Miracle #6: A fresh idea for my novel came to me as I was rereading a section and when I sat down to write it, it just flowed from my pen.

All these may sound like small change – pennies, nickels, and dimes in the world of miracles, but hey, pennies from heaven – I’ll take them!

If you believe, along with Albert (, that “everything is a miracle,” then you find it’s true: Miracles, large and small, are everywhere. And here’s the miraculous thing about miracles: They open our hearts. They open our minds. They expand us. We see more, feel more, and appreciate more – all of which makes us better, more observant, more insightful writers.

So if you are so inclined, here’s a simple way to begin taking note of the miracles in your day: Create a “Miracle Jar.” You can make one out of a big glass jar with a lid, which is what I have. Or you can use a cute cookie jar or even a colorful holiday box. Keep it close at hand and when something happens that seems like a miracle, tiny or tremendous, jot it down on a slip of paper and drop it in your jar or box. Chances are it will get full quickly, because the more miracles you acknowledge, the more show up in your life.

And here’s Miracle #7 for me: I was tired and totally empty when the idea for this “Miracles” post popped into my head. Now that’s miraculous! Write on!


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3 Responses to Six Miracles

  1. I love that quote. And I like you, believe everything is a miracle. What a lovely way to start my day. Thank you for that.

    • Dear Cherished Reader and Lonely Author,

      You are so welcome! Thank you so much for taking time to share your thoughts! I’m so glad you are a believer in miracles — it makes like so lovely and exciting! And I’m so happy I gave a boost to your day — we
      writers are both solo creatives and solace seekers in need of support.
      I hope KWD offers a daily dose of motivation to you!

      Write on,

  2. Toby Stein says:

    Life taught me many years ago to believe in miracles. And I remember fondly what a local teacher used to say: that every event is a miracle in the eyes of a believer. We do have to train the eyes of our heart to see them all.

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