New Dawn

“Each dawn holds a new hope for a new plan, making the start of each new day the start of a new life.”   Gina Blair

What an inspiring, hopeful thought to light our way! Just consider the possibilities of bringing this sense of adventure — this openness to new beginnings — to the page today. What might it mean for us all?

A fresh beginning: Whatever project we’re working on and whatever stage of it we’ve reached, we can come to it full of potential and with a sense of wonder. All the oportunities it offers are available to us, waiting to be plucked like ripe fruit.

A release from the past: Whatever problems have bedeviled us in our writing wouldn’t really matter. We’d shed them the way a snake sheds an old skin and leaves it behind. We wouldn’t be captive to them because we’d have let them go.

A new approach: Instead of being captive to the past and whatever struggles and problems we’ve encountered there, we’d be free to chase down new ideas, to find a new approach – a new and better way to deal with whatever thorny plot tangle or undeveloped character we are working on.

A child’s sense of wonder: New life: what beauty and potential are held in these two simple words! Think of a baby encountering all the wonders of the world for the first time. If we can bring that childlike sense of wonder to the page, where would it take us? What might we find? How bold and unfettered we’d be!

A chance to shine: When we start each new day with a sense of openness and possibility, we give ourselves permission to bring our A-Game to the work of the day. We are untarnished by our past struggles or old disappointments. Like Athena bursting from the head of Zeus, we can give birth to anew self. Why not? At the start of a new life, anything is possible!

I know, I know. These musings have a pie-in-the-sky flavor to them, you may be thinking. It’s not a new day, it’s just another day. And the problems I faced yesterday are still with me today. But here’s a thought: Why not choose a different story? Why not choose to believe, just for today, that you have the power and the energy to come up with a new plan, a new approach? Why not choose to believe in your own capacity for renewal and creativity? Why not choose a better story and run with it? Let’s go for it! Write on!



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