Unknown Soldier

This Sunday on the 11th hour of the 11th day of  the 11th month, we marked the 100th year anniversary of Armistice Day, World War I — the “War to End All Wars.” In honor of Veteran’s Day, a lovely meditation on heroism:

American Hero
by Mary West Jorgensen

“Our history is studded with heroic names. These names compose a world roster from which almost every nation may choose one and say: He is ours! We produced the clan from which he sprung. See how he spells his name! That is how his family spelled their name years ago, here, in this land.

“The tale of heroism runs true from Valley Forge to Gettysburg, from the Argonne to Guadalcanal. How is it possible to select one and say of him: He is the bravest of all?

“Therefore, I choose one who lies in Arlington beneath the inscription: ‘Here rests in honored glory, an American soldier, known but to God.’

“Of him we know three things: he was an American, he died for freedom, he sleeps in the comfortable keeping of the Lord of Hosts.

“He is a symbol of heroic qualities, of the vision of Washington, of the humanity of Lincoln, of the courage of MacArthur, of the faith of Rickenbacker, of the sacrifice of Kelly. He is, moreover, a symbol of the common man who dies daily in order that freedom may not perish from the earth.”

Within the Tomb ogf the Unknown Soldier lies an unidentified American serviceman who died in battle in France during World War I. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is guarded every minute of every hour of every day by his fellow soldiers, who consider it a great honor to protect this nameless hero. Blessings upon those who keep this silent hero safe and upon all those who have protected us and still stand watch to keep us safe. Their tales are so important to share and remember. Write on.

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  1. Jacqueline Stearns says:

    On Monday November 12, I attended a program at the Monclair YMCA. An author, and nurse gave a fascinating program about the military nurses who served in Viet Nam. She also talked about nurses during World War 11 who were taken prisoner by the Japanese.

  2. Hi Jackie,

    Wow, that sounds fascinating! One of the most fruitful things we can do as writers is to get out and about and hear talks like the one you went to. You never know what ideas someone else’s experiences and insights might spark into new and exciting stories.

    Write on,

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