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With the holiday season in full swing, I wanted to share these inspired words from Luis Schwarcz, co-founder of Companhia des Letras about giving books as gifts:

Love Letter to Books

“What we need at this juncture, among other things, are love letters to books.

“For those of you who, like me, nurture a love of books as your very
reason for being, I ask you to spread this call, urge others to buy
books this holiday season; books by your favorite authors, and by new
authors you’ve been meaning to explore. Buy them at those bookstores
that are heroically riding this crisis out, honoring their
commitments, but also at those that have fallen on hard times, and who
need our help to muddle through. Most of all, promote books by the
smaller publishing houses that need to sell today to continue to exist
tomorrow. Think of the humanist publishers that defend diversity, not
just of races, genders, creeds and ideals, but also of books with
different commercial ambitions, from the modest to the bold. Books of
all shapes and sizes need to survive. Spare a thought for how life
would be without minority books, and I don’t just mean in terms of
print runs, but of the causes they defend. Niche books are as
important as any bestseller. Consider those publishers struggling to
get by on scant resources, because they may not be there the next time
you look for them. Every publishing house and bookstore that closes
its doors shuts many more in our intellectual and emotional lives.

“Gifting books today is about more than supporting a cornerstone of
society in the fight for a more just world, saving a small publishing
house or some jobs at one of the larger firms. What it’s really about
is extending a lifeline to bookstores nationwide and showing a little
love for something that has given us so much for so long: the book.”

Let’s show a little love for the book sand indie bookstores we love! They add so much joy and pleasure to our lives and those who receive the books we give. Read on! Write on!

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