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As part of his Holiday Bookstore Bonus Program, James Patterson, in partnership with the American Booksellers Association, is giving a holiday gift to more than 300 bookseller sacross the country, each of whom will receive $750, the Associated Press reported. The winners were nominated by customers, booksellers, publishing industry colleagues and others, who were invited to answer the grant application’s one question: “Why does this bookseller deserve a holiday bonus?”

In a statement, Patterson said that he was happy to make “a small difference” in the lives of people who had helped so many in their communities.

What a wonderful program! James Patterson, the hugely successful writer, surely has no great need to court the favor of indie booksellers and the bookstores they enliven — and yet in many ways, he’s recognized the nourishing and often unsung role they play in our communities. Only consider the joys indie bookstores and their helpers bring to us and our families and friends:

They provide us with lovely refuges — places to renew our love of books.

They offer enticing reviews and displays of new books we may be thrilled to discover.

They let us gather together to share our ideas and love of books in discussion groups.

They feed our children’s curiosity and fan the flames of fresh-born book lovers.

I just ordered holiday books for my family from my beloved local indie, Watchung Booksellers. I’ve sent one off to my brother and have another on order for Alex and have a few more people on my list. How about you? Let’s give some indie love this holiday season and write on!



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