Better ‘Nows’

“As I concentrate on each word of this thought, ‘now’ slips by me into the past. My past, then, is nothing more than a history of how well I dealt with each irretrievable ‘now.’ So if yesterday is history, tomorrow is a prediction. Only the present exists.

“The future is nothing more than an approaching series of ‘nows.’ Duringone of those ‘nows,’ I must make a decision that all future ‘nows’ will be different. A brighter future grows out of a brighter ‘now.’ Therefore, my future improves only as I make better use of the current moment.”

Danny Cox, There Are No Limits

Wow, even as I write this, one ‘now’ is gone and another now is taking its place and it, too, will soon slip away. What a sobering and powerful concept! Sobering, because it reminds us that the present is dynamic and always slipping into the past. And powerful, because if we choose to give each ‘now’ our best, we can create a better, more exciting future.

So let’s look at how we might use our ‘nows’ today:

For now, we can create the intention of using our time purposefully.

For now, we can remember that our ‘nows’ are alive and awaiting us.

For now, we can leave the past with its setbacks and upsets behind us.

For now, we can forget about what the future holds: it hasn’t arrived yet.

For now, we can focus and be totally present as we play on the page.

Amazing, isn’t it — all the gifts that ‘now’ offers us? All we have to do is choose to accept them with an open heart and make each ‘now’ count and we’ll be well on our way to a brighter, more exciting future as we all write on!

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