Pressing Forward

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”   C.S. Lewis

What a helpful, hopeful way to think of the work that lies before us not just today, but in the future! How freeing it will be if we can truly embrace these words of wisdom from a gifted writer and scholar. Consider some of the baggage weighing us down that we can leave behind as we press forward with our creative work:

Self-doubt:  Those gnawing rumblings that crop up during the day that say we don’t know enough, we’re not good enough. They can sap our energy and weaken our resolve. Self-doubts: let’s dump them overboard – let’s leave them behind!

Rejection:  We’ve all experienced this one time and again: It comes with the territory when you are putting creative work out into the world. We can let it knock us flat or we can reframe it: see it as feedback, learn from it and move ahead. We can make it fruitful instead of fatal. Rejection: let’s dump it overboard – let’s leave it behind!

Comparison shopping:  This can be helpful when you’re buying a toaster oven or a new stove, but it’s not a great idea when you are creating and writing. Comparing where you are and what you’ve done so far on your own unique journey with other people isn’t a winning strategy, it’s a recipe for rejection – for rejecting yourself. Rating ourselves: let’s dump this impulse overboard, let’s leave it behind!

Holding back: Being too timid, too self-effacing, too wary to take the bold step, to really say what we want to say without fear or favor – none of this is going to help us become the best writers we can be. Let’s not hold back – let’s go all out! Timidity: let’s dump it overboard, let’s leave it behind!

OK, I’m feeling lighter already! How about you? Now we can see what lies ahead:

Opportunities:  The Land of Possibilities lies before us – let’s dwell in it as we write!

Improvement:  Every day in every way, we can get better and better. Let’s do it!

Sharing:  We can build our tribes and support each other, giving freely of our gifts.

Joy:  We can be grateful and radiate joy as we feel fulfilled yet challenged every day.

Opportunities, getting better and better at our craft, sharing our gifts, radiating joy – what wonderful things lie ahead for us each and every day as we all write on!



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