“Scatter Joy”

“There is no beautifier of complexion, or form, or behavior, like the wish to scatter joy and not pain around us.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Scatter joy” – what a wonderful idea! I have a card with these words emblazoned on it hanging in my office that my dear friend C.J. sent me long ago. I love to look at it and ponder these two beautiful words. But more than ponder, I take action on them as often as I can – it’s so nourishing and soul-satisfying!

And as creatives: as writers who pursue the life of the pen and the computer-peck, who is better equipped to scatter joy than we are? There are so many ways we can gather words and send them singing and dancing out into the world to brighten it:

We scatter joy when we send an encouraging note: Who among us doesn’t love receiving a thoughtful email that boosts out spirits and makes us feel that the work we do matters? Or better yet, isn’t it wonderful to receive a handwritten note or card that delivers an inspiring message from afar? Whenever I feel receive one, I feel blessed. How cheered I felt when my friends Jackie and Steve sent me a cute get well card! Why not make it a daily ritual to send out words of cheer and encouragement to at least one person? Why not scatter joy?

We scatter joy when we help a friend with a project: Some time ago, Rich, a cherished friend of mine who lives in Texas, showed me a personal history he’d jotted down to give to his extended family, from his children to his great-grandchildren. What a glorious gift! As I read through it, I had some ideas about how to reshape and enrich it. Over many months we worked on it via phone, email, and snail mail. When it was ready, my dear friend Linda contributed her fabulous copy-editing skills to make sure it was polished and professional. It’s now at the copy shop, adorned with an adorable cover photo of Rich and his great-grandson Oliver. Soon Rich’s words will scatter joy and I’ll have helped him do it! What fun — and how satisfying to use my writing skills to help a friend! Is there someone you know who’s struggling with a project – a family history, a letter, a resume – that you could give the gift of your skill to? Why not scatter joy?

We scatter joy when we say “thank you” to someone: Giving the gift of gratitude only takes a few moments, but what a powerful way to use our writing talents! Why not take a little time via email to send a thank you someone’s way – or better yet, find a box of lovely “thank you” notes and send them out. Why not scatter joy?

As writers, we are blessed in so many ways. And when we share those blessings, we scatter joy. Let’s scatter a little every day as we all write on!

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