Freshborn Snow

Snow! After many fits and starts this winter, we’ve finally had an honest-to-goodness snowfall here in my hometown of Montclair. Beautiful! Yesterday, I took an evening walk in the snow – I love to greet it while it’s fresh and new. Mine were the first footsteps it saw – like a giant’s tracks. The snow fell in the lamplight shimmering like tiny bits of stardust fallen to earth. All the trees were cloaked in mantles of frothy white and bending to earth like ladies curtsying at a ball.

Beautiful! As I walked in the quiet admiring the new-fallen snow and the glow it cast over my little corner of the world, it made me think of the fresh page we come when we write – and how much they share in common:

Snow is quiet and expectant: There’s no rush or tumble about it. It falls silently and simply. It asks nothing, but gives beauty. The page waits for us, patiently and without judgment.

Snow is fresh-fallen and new: Like a page, there is nothing on it. It beckons us to come and play in it, just as the page beckons us to play on it.

Snow is freshborn: Snow knows nothing of the past or the future – it is only falling now, in the present. It might fall on and on, or stop, but it knows only of falling.

Snow is creative: It creates itself from cloud and mist. It is creating itself itself moment to moment, just as we create whatever we bring to the page.

Snow banishes mistakes: It hides some of the imperfections of the world for a time, making us feel that everything is new, capable of beginning again. When we come to a fresh page, we, too, have a new beginning before us.

Snow brings hushed harmony: For a time, when the new snow falls, everything seems to melt together, everything seems part of a whole. When we write, we have the chance to strive for meaning and wholeness.

Snow is joyfully itself: Snow doesn’t fall to please us or plague us. It falls only because that is the way it expresses itself, freely and joyfully. When we’re in the flow, we, too, can find joy and freedom in our work.

Freshborn snow – what a gift to inspire us as we all write on!

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