Misty Motivator

Here’s a playful little trick you can use to get your creative juices going and spruce up your prose if you thinks it lacks sparkle and verve. Simply turn to your trusty thesaurus or synonym finder, dog-earred or digital, and pick a word at random. Then jot down all the words that catch your eye and appeal to your senses. This morning, I’ve picked the word, “mist” and here’s what my handy helper came up with to describe this mixture of air and water:

N.  bubble, foam, froth, head

spume, fume, lathe, suds,

spray, surf, yeast, barm, spindrift.

cloud, vapour, fog, haze, steam, scud,

rack, nimbus, cumulus, cirrus,

woolpack, mackerel sky, mare’s tail, dirty sky,

effervescence, fermentation, bubbling,

nebulosity, cloudiness, mantle, sparkle,

V.  bubble, boil, foam, froth, spume,

guggle, gurgle, ferment, fizzle, effervesce,

aerate, cloud, overcast, befog

Adj. bubbling, frothy, nappy,

effervescent, sparkling, fizzy, cloudy,

vaporous, nebulous, overcast,

nubiferous, nehological, foggy, brumous

Wow, what riches there are here to choose from! Wonder what “guggle,” “nubiferous” and “brumous” have to offer my readers. What a world of choices are at my fingertips — and yours. Remembering this and taking a quick ramble into the world of synonyms can help shake loose our mental cobwebs and give us fresh ways to say what we want to say as we all write on.

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2 Responses to Misty Motivator

  1. Bing Chang says:

    Frothy thoughts bubble up into initial foggy abstraction.
    Abstract conception seethes with nebulous observation.
    Scrutiny of observations with reasoning ferments revelation.
    A misty mental cobweb can teem with sparkling inspiration.

  2. HI Bing,

    Oh, my! I love the way you can transform any idea or phrase
    into a lovely, lyrical poem. That is such a gift. Thank you so
    much, Bing, for sharing your beautiful words and thoughts —
    I am always so happy to see your responses.

    Write on,

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