“Existing Materials”

“Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing materials to the best advantage.”    Jawaharlal Nehru

 What a straightforward, no-nonsense observation! It has the ring of truth, doesn’t it? Let’s consider all the existing materials that we as creatives have at our command – precious resources that we can pull out of our kitbag at any time:

Intention: We can make the decision to turn our energies to achieve a specific action or result and pursue it single-mindedly. When we make a commitment to ourselves to stay on track, we can follow through on it.

Focus: We can bring laser-like intensity to the work we have before us and stay with it until we attain the outcome we are looking for.

Enthusiasm: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” – Ralph Waldo Emerson said it and how true it is! Enthusiasm is the fuel, the passionate drive, that keeps us going, that energizes us and inspires us to give voice to our creative impulses.

Experience:  We’ve all gathered rich histories of success and failure, of learning and growing and knowing, that we can bring to the page whenever we come to it – what a priceless gift!

Curiosity:  When we bring fresh eyes and an open mind to the page, when we give ourselves permission to let our minds roam freely in search of exciting new ways of expressing ourselves, we ignite our ingenuity.

Joy:  When we bring joy to our work, everything changes! We come to it with gratitude and humble awe – we are amazed and enlivened by what pours forth from our hearts and minds. “Joy is your purchasing power” – I keep a card with this saying handwritten by my beloved mom Dorothy on my desk where I see it every day.

How rich and fortunate we are! We have everything we need to create whatever we want readily at hand and heart. Write on!

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