Bird’s Song

A short story: One evening, Martin Luther saw a little bird perched on a tree ready to roost there for the night and observed, “This little bird has had its supper, and now it is getting ready to sleep here, quite secure and content, never troubling itself what its food will be, or where its lodging on the morrow.”

What a lovely, endearing image: Tranquility – that’s the word that sprang to mind when I read this sweet tale: That little bird is peaceful and serene. What would our day be like if we could bring that calm, quietly confident attitude to our writing? Let’s envision it for a few moments:

First, we’d spend our day doing what we should be doing: Like the kind of bird that perches on a branch, we’d sit, soar, and sing. We’d hop onto the page and do exactly what we were meant to do. And we’d do it with full-hearted joy.

Second, we’d be poised, yet alert – ready to fly. We’d be steady, focused, awake. We’d bring a calm concentration to our work. We’d be alive with energy, but not overly anxious about what we were doing. “A relaxed mind is a creative mind” – we’d be energized, yet loose and open.

And finally, we’d be unruffled. We’d know that we had everything we needed to do our work. We wouldn’t have to worry or search or feel besieged by doubt or a sense of being inadequate. We wouldn’t be concerned about what anyone else was doing. We would know, we would feel heart-sure, that we were equal to our task whatever it was, and we’d move forward serenely, secure in that knowledge.

Ah, what a joy, what a pleasure if we could bring such wholehearted contentment to the page! Not complacency, but contentment: We would be quietly eager and enthusiastic, but not agitated. We’d be satisfied with what the day brings us and what we bring to our day.

What a wonderful feeling this would be at the end of our labors! We’d lay our heads on our pillows and feel that all was well. Why not lift our wings and sing today as we all write on?

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