Marcus Muses

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”   Marcus Aurelius

What wonderful, joyful advice for us as writers and as people – who could ask for a better prescription for a hopeful, happy day? Consider all the enlivening pleasures we have precious privilege of every day:

We have the chance to ponder what it means to be alive and what unites us and builds community.

We have the opportunity to think, really think, about ideas and people, about events and inner meanings.

We have the chance to enjoy creating worlds and making meaning of the world – in ways that entertain uplift, and even educate.

We have the ability to share our love of words and ideas in ways that span time and space — leaping beyond them

We are free to chase any idea that pursues and persuades us – any deep passion that keeps us engaged and enthusiastic.

We have rich opportunities to learn and grow – we can cast around for any facts and fancies that we yearn to know about and explore them.

We can let our minds range freely over landscapes of the past, present, or future – our horizons are limitless.

We can venture into the dark, the dangerous places – the ones that other people shy away from – and bring back the news and the light they offer.

We can envision worlds that enliven and embolden us – worlds that help give our readers fresh eyes and open minds.

All of this at our fingertips! We are like magicians holding the magic lamp. What wonders will we conjure up today? Write on!

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