Amazing Ali!

Wow! What a night at the Tony’s! This past Sunday, Ali Stroker won a Tony for her groundbreaking star turn as Ado Annie in the revival of Oklahoma! Not only is she a fabulous singer, she’s also a “total trailblazer” — the first star on Broadway to take home a Tony while playing her role in a wheelchair. Injured in a car accident, Ali’s been on wheels since she was two. Now she’s a super star!*

After years of tough times and challenges, Ali’s come into her own. She’s sharp, funny, gorgeous, and above all, an enthusiastic inspirer. Catch her on Youtube when you’re feeling a bit low and she’ll definitely give you a lift! As she said in one interview, “I live by the motto, ‘turning your limitations into opportunities.'” Here’s more Ali:

On playing to her strength: “I wasn’t going to be playing soccer, I wasn’t going to be doing gymnastics. But I could sing and I could do theater and so my parents encouraged me to put all my energy into what I could do — my strength.”

On winning her Tony:  “This is just a dream come true. I’ve been working my entire life to arrive at a night like this. I’ve been singing since I was seven years old. And for me, singing is where I have no limitations. It is where I feel most powerful. My voice and the ability to create music I think has really brought me out of all the hardship I’ve been through and it’s brought me here to this day and to my most powerful self.”

On what kids should know:  “They are powerful and they can achieve anything the decide to work hard for.”

What a wonderful role model for us all! “Turn your limitations into opportunities!” What powerful advice — let’s take it to heart as we all write on!

* I first heard about Ali through my wonderful friend and mentor, Dr. Rob Gilbert. Ali’s dad, Jim Stroker is a coach and a long-time caller of Rob’s Success Hotline. Bravo!

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