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“Peter K. Hixson (1947-2007) was a much-beloved client of Writer’s Relief. In his writing, he was never afraid to tackle important issues, but he also had a lyrical and playful outlook. With funding from Peter’s estate, additional contributions from family members, and generous donations from the public, we are deeply honored to offer the Peter K. Hixson Memorial Award for Creative Writers.”
Writer’s Relief

What a wonderful way to honor an author! Writer’s Relief is an author submission service — it provides both fledgling and established writers with support and encouragement, along with solid research resources to help target promising potential publications for their work. It also sponsors the Annual Peter K. Hixson Memorial Award Contest. This year’s deadline: July 23.

The contest is offering two awards, one for poetry and another for short stories. Each winner will receive over $1,800 in Writer’s Relief submission services (this is not a cash award). There is no fee to apply. All entries will be reviewed by the Writer’s Relief Review Board based on:

• Strength of writing sample submitted.
• Strength of personal statement and financial or other need.

This award is for writers who may not be widely published but who clearly demonstrate exceptional technique, voice, and perspective. Writers with financial or other need are especially encouraged to apply. If your work is selected, then Writer’s Relief submissions find reputable literary journals that are a good fit with your writing.

This award is designed to support writers whose work may not have received wide recognition. Writers with financial need re encourged to apply. Simultaneous submissions are fine but the fiction or poems submitted should not have appeared previously online or in print. Include all contact information. For full submission details, visit: writersrelief.com. And write on!

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