Smart Start

“It is our attitude, not our aptitude, that determines our altitude.”   Zig Ziglar

“It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task, which, more than anything else, affects its successful outcome.”   William James

What a team: Zig Ziglar was a hugely successful salesman, author, and motivational speaker and William James, a writer, philosopher, and the father of modern psychology. Surely they know a lot about launching challenging projects and bringing them to fruition. What qualities go into a winning attitude at the start of a project we really care about?

Open-heartedness:  We’d swing the door of our hearts open wide and let ourselves be emotionally vulnerable so we could find the deep truth of what we want to write. We’d be absorptive and eager, unafraid to let our stories or research take hold of us. Instead of being timid, we’d be boldhearted – we’d write dangerously – we’d go all out.

Open-mindedness: We’d go where the facts and our stories lead us. We’d generate lots of ideas and be open to even the most daring of them. We’d absorb ideas and images from all around us and make them our own. We’d plan with purpose and intention, but also with a fresh eye. We’d be willing to change our mind, take detours, and add or trim as needed.

Joyful engagement:  We’d come to the page with enthusiasm and energy. We’d dump distractions. “We’d be at the right place at the right time dong the right thing” – as Coach Bob Gelston said so well. We’d give ourselves every opportunity to get into the “flow” state where time disappears and we are fully engaged and focused.

Stick-to-it-iveness:  Perseverance, resiliency, obsession – whatever you want to call it, we’d bring a big dose to our project as it unfolds. We’d handle obstacles with gusto instead of letting them get us down. As Rob Gilbert says, “We’d get “fascinated instead of frustrated” – and keep coming u with new ways to bounce back and keep going.

Alert expectancy:  We’d be alive and alert to opportunities as they came our way. We’d expect things to go well. We’d expect to be supported and guided. We’d bring a “success is inevitable” mindset to our work.

Gratitude:  We’d be thankful and happy about the chance we’ve been given to create and explore, to search and share. An “attitude of gratitude” is always a precious gift we give ourselves. And the universe sees and approves and supports this way of being.

Are there other qualities you think make for a smart start? If so, I’d love to hear about them as we all write on!

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