Walk on!

Walking — what a simple and amazing writing tool! It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to shake the cobwebs from our brains and refocus our energies when they flag. It can also be a source of inspiration. Consider the great Charles Dickens. He was known to take miles-long walks every day and often haunted the hidden byways of London, where it’s said he encountered many of soul he later transformed and immortalized in his novels.

To get your juices flowing, some recent research on the benefits of lacing on your sneakers and hitting the street or better yet, the park, here are a few:

Taking a walk is a health booster:  Walking after you eat can help your body use glucose more efficiently and prevent draining sugar spikes. Studies also how that even just a 20-minute walk can calm an overactive brain and restore attention and the ability to focus.

Nature walks are restorative:  Researchers gathered two groups of walkers: one was sent into a city and the other, into a forested area. After an hour of ambling, the forest walkers had improved heart-and-lung function, while the city walkers didn’t.

Regular walks can help boost your memory:  Researchers who tracked 300 older adults for 13 years, found that those who walked six to nine miles a week lowered their risk of memory problems by 50 percent. Amazing!

Walking offers powerful brain-boosting benefits: Along with supporting memory, walking for 40 minutes just three times a week, older adults offset age-related declines in brain function and even showed improved performance on cognitive tasks.

Walking with friends isn’t just fun, it’s a health booster:  According to one study, people who belong to walking groups had lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and a lower resting heart rate. Another perk: success in losing weight.

Walking is conducive to deep thinking:  Just putting one foot in front of each other has a way of slowing us down and putting us into a relaxed, even meditative, state. The chatter in our mind quiets and whispery ideas have a chance to bubble u and be heard.

Walking works – why not try it and see if it gives your creativity a boost? If you’re already walking and seeing benefits, I’d love to hear about them as we all write on!

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  1. Bing Chang says:

    After “walk on”, sleep on!

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