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“Every great story has a great problem.”   Dr. Rob Gilbert

How true this is! As soon as I heard it recently on the Rob’s wonderful Success Hotline, * I knew I wanted to share it. To be honest, it sounded like it was meant for me. Recently, I’ve hit a few potholes on the road to publication and I’m busy picking myself up and dusting myself off. So I really needed a reminder, as we all do now and then, that someday the problem I’m facing will turn into a great story.

“Every great story has a great problem.”

Right now, you may be facing a great problem of your own on the writing front – one that holds the potential for becoming a great story. Your problem may be different from mine. But whatever obstacle you’re facing right now, there are lots of ways you can deal with it — and the same goes for me. How we respond — the choices we make — really matter. Here are a few that spring to mind:

We can feel really sorry for ourselves and crumple up in a heap.

We can feel really sorry for ourselves, crumple in a heap, and then get up.

We can say to ourselve, “This is too hard” and simply throw in the towel and quit.

We can use our fall as fuel and let it energize us.

We can recommit to our goal and let the naysayers fade away.

We can see our “breakdown as a set-up for a breakthrough” as Rob says.

We can reach out for sympathy and get lots of pats on the back.

We can reach out for help to figure out a fresh strategy and put it into action.

We can mine our contacts with renewed vigor for new ideas and leads.

We can take the next baby step, whatever it is, toward reaching our goal.

We can make a list of five things we can do each day to get what we want.

We can do the five things on the list each day without fail – or not.

Lots of possibilities here – I’m sure you can come up with more. What this shows me is that we’re not really stuck unless we choose to be. We can be the author of our own story or we can let circumstances or other people write that story for us. The choice is ours. Let’s choose wisely. Let’s turn our great problems into great stories as we all write on!

*Be sure to check out Dr. Gilbert’s fabulous Success Hotline: 973.743.4690

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