Something Wonderful

Drinking Alone Beneath the Moon

Li Po

Among the blossoms, a single jar of wine.
No one else here, I ladle it out myself.

Raising my cup, I toast the bright moon,
and facing my shadow makes friends three,

though moon has never understood wine,
and shadow only trails along behind me.

Kindred a moment with moon and shadow,
I’ve found a joy that must infuse spring:

I sing, and moon rocks back and forth;
I dance, and shadow tumbles into pieces.

Sober, we’re together and happy. Drunk,
we scatter away into our own directions.

Intimate forever, we’ll wander carefree
and meet again in Star River distances.

Li Po, eighth century

Star River is the Milky Way

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2 Responses to Something Wonderful

  1. Jacqueline Stearns says:

    Thank Goodness! there was no drinking and driving at the time this poem was published.

  2. Hi Jackie,

    You are so right — very creative of you, I never thought of that!

    Write on,

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