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As we hit the end of the week, our attention can flag and makie it harder to focus. Here are a few simple tips to help you stay more alert and upbeat all day:

Nod at nutmeg: Unique nutrients in this savory spice can rev up the output of energizing brain chemicals, boosting your alertness, concentration, and feelings well-being within 10 minutes. Why not add this brain booster to your coffee, morning smoothie, or afternoon yogurt?

Soak up sunshine: If your energy dips in the late afternoon, open your window shades or take a quick walk for 10 minutes. In a recent study, people who did this scored higher on alertness tests for up to an hour – nearly the same benefit a nap offers! Why? Sunlight blocks a sleep-inducing brain chemical that builds up in our body as the day wanes.

Pep up with protein: When a bout of fogginess or drowsiness hits, we tend to grab a sweet for a quick energy surge, but British scientists have a better plan: Eating a protein-rich afternoon snack – like hummus, or a hard-boiled egg — gives you a bigger energy boost than sweets. Protein-rich foods stimulate brain cells and make you more alert.

Goose your gray cells: Brainstorm! Princeton researchers have learned that tired workers who take a few moments to brainstorm an idea –- from how to organize a delivery to what to have for dinner — instantly become more alert. The brain loves to be challenged: Getting creative triggers a flood of excitement-inducing brain chemicals that can give you a second wind.

Writers, rev your engines! Alert and energized, let’s all write on!

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