“Mighty Sweet”

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“There’s no thrill in easy sailing,
When the day is clear and blue.

There’s no joy in merely doing
Things which anyone can do.

But there is some fulfillment
That is mighty sweet to take.

When you reach a destination,
You never thought you’d make.”

Author Unknown


We all know the pleasure of doings things well and having them work out well – we feel good about ourselves. But pleasures are fleeting – they tend to melt away as soon as we hit a rough patch or we find something else to occupy us.

But fulfillment – that’s a deeper, more enduring feeling, isn’t it? “Satisfaction or happiness as result of fully developing one’s abilities or character” – that’s how my handy Compact Oxford English Dictionary defines this word. That’s says it all, doesn’t it? We feel fulfilled when we are stretching ourselves and feel that we are really tapping our potential. Most of the time that feeling comes when we tackle something tough.

My good friend and mentor Dr. Rob Gilbert puts it this way: “There’s nothing more satisfying than grappling with something difficult that you really care about.”*

At one time or another we’ve all experienced this feeling – the sense that we’ve reached deep down into ourselves and found that extra something we needed to accomplish something we thought we couldn’t handle or that other people told us we couldn’t do.

Sometime soon, we’re all going to come up against something difficult – a rough patch in our writing, a thorny plot point that isn’t working, an unexpected rejection. When this happens, let’s summon up the “mighty sweet” sense of satisfaction we felt when we had something tough to do and we did it well – and then digger deeper to find the creativity and energy we need to grapple with whatever is giving us a hard time. Write on!

*Check out Dr. Gilbert’s fabulous free Success Hotline: 973.743.4690.

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