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An inspiring “Aphoristic Alphabet” by Dr. Rob Gilbert* to get us all on the right path today:

Avoid apathy.
Be bold.
Courtesy counts.
Don’t discourage.
Enough’s enough.
Forgive, forget.
Get going!
Have hope.
Ignore insults.
Journey joyfully.
Keep kicking!
Love life.
Make miracles.
Negate negativity.
Overcome obstacles.
Practice patience.
Quit quitting.
Resist rudeness.
Seek success.
Treasure today.
Urge understanding.
Visualize victory.
Why wait?
Xpect xcellence.
You’re you!
Zoom zestfully.

“Zoom zestfully” – this certainly strikes a chord today, doesn’t it? Why not pick one of these pithy, plucky sayings as a touchstone each day for the next few weeks and see what happens? Write on!

* Brought to us by my wonderful friend and mentor Dr. Rob Gilbert. Check out his wonderful free Success Hotline (973.743.4690) for a daily dose of motivation! 

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