Books Comfort

“When we’re uncertain, BOOKS bring us Comfort

“When we’re scared, BOOKS bring us Hope.

When we’re isolated, BOOKs Connect Us.”

Chalkboard at The Well-Read Moose

What an inspiring, uplifting sign! And how perfectly it captures some of the many gifts that books bring us. When we consider all that they give us so freely and patiently — sitting on our shelves or in stacks, just waiting for us – it makes the heart glad, doesn’t it?

“When we’re uncertain, BOOKS bring us comfort” – Who can say how many books have comforted how many people since the first one was recorded on a papyrus back in the mists of time? Wonderful novels comfort us by taking us on journeys to magical, mythical places, and introduce us to unforgettable characters who show us how to live – or how not to live. Essays give us deep insight into nature and the human condition. They shed light on the world and make it seem both more amazing and more understandable. Stories of trials and tribulatons comfort us by reminding us that no one’s path is primrosed and that we all have moments of being less than our best and overwhelmed.

“When we’re scared, books bring us Hope.” – When fear swoops down on us, hope can come to our rescue. It can encourage and inspirit us, helping us to believe that we can be bigger than our fears and that things will get better. Books help us find the hope we need to push past our fears. When we read stories of characters who’ve braved their fears, they give us a road map for doing the same. When we read memoirs of people who’ve overcome devastating difficulties, they show us that it’s possible for us to do the same. Hope often lives between the covers of a book.

“When we’re isolated, books Connect Us.” – How true this is! Especially in these trying times when many of us are still sheltering at home and the term “social distancing” has become part of our vocabulary. Books connect us over time and space. When we read, we connect with the hearts and minds of writers who may have lived hundreds or thousands of years before we met them through their words. And yet, they are alive to us – alive and revealing themselves through their words. And when we are apart from those we love and enjoy seeing, we can reach out to them through book chats and clubs.

Books – how amazing they are! Portable worlds that comfort, create hope, and connect us. What a gift it is to be a writer who shares stories, isn’t it? Let’s remember this and write on!

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