Courage Calling

An inspiring reality: Courage can be learned.

A case in point: When bomb disposal experts were interviewed on why they were selected, the results were startlingly clear — extraordinary courage wasn’t a requirement. Ordinary people, once they gained the technical knowledge, skills, and the competence that arose from understanding how to disarm bombs, soon found that they had little to fear from them. They became courageous in situations which would have caused others great fear. In a nutshell, their fear faded away as a result of their competence.

What an amazing concept: Competence creates courage! Consider how practical and valuable knowing this can be to us as writers. After all, it takes courage to put pen to paper and fingers to keys.

It takes courage to decide that we have something of value to say.

It takes courage to commit to pursuing our writing dreams.

It takes courage to handle the inevitable rejections we face.

It takes courage to read our words with fresh eyes and revise.

It takes courage to bring meaning and harmony out of chaos.

It takes courage to believe words have power and can spur change.

But here’s the good news, the exciting news: We don’t need carloads of courage to start on our writing journey or to stay committed to it. All we have to do is keep writing, because the more we write, the more skill and competence we gain. And as our competence grows, the courage we need will grow right along with it.

How wonderful to know that courage and competence go hand in hand — that courage can be created through our actions and commitment! Just by writing, we are on the road to writing dangerously — writing boldly and freely, from the heart. Let’s see ourselves as brave adventurers in the Land of Possibilities and all write on!

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