“Trust Yourself”


Don’t be afraid to live in your head. Write the very best piece you can. It’s just you and the page — just focus on that.David Goodwillie

What a delight to hear David Goodwillie share his author’s journey at a Write Group event! Kings County, David’s newly published novel, is attracting exciting attention. He’s also authored a widely praised novel, American Subversive, and a memoir, Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (https://www.davidgoodwillie.com/). Highlights of his wide-ranging talk on the writing life:

On becoming a writer: “Every single writer has a strange journey to becoming a writer. There’s no writer I know who went to Harvard or got an MFA and became a big success.”

On the writing process: “Every single writer treats writing differently. Some people are at their desk from 9 to 5. Others smoke weed and write at midnight. There’s no one way to do this. I see writing as a discipline, as a job. I have an incredibly difficult time sitting down and writing — it’s so difficult to rewire your brain, to commit to yourself and your ideas. In that way, it’s a discipline, a practice.”

On his technique: “I like to write on that tightrope between character development and plot. I don’t outline. I go scene by scene…. Every writer’s different and there’s no right way to do it. I’m more free flowing. I’m optimistic…. I’m not afraid to write myself into a corner. I have faith that the book will get there.”

On revision: “I do lots of revision — 75% of what I do is revision.”

On getting published: “Just remember that there are tons of editors and agents who are looking for fresh voices.”

On why he writes: “There is something about the challenge of it that makes the reward so much sweeter. There is something so gratifying about getting where you want to go because it’s so challenging.”

On what it takes to keep going: “Inner drive and ambition and belief in yourself. The realization that there is nothing more important that you want to do.”

On finding your way: “Trust yourself. Let yourself be alone with the work and then send it out. A lot of people want advice and affirmation — that can slow you down. Be kind to yourself and just be true to yourself and your story.”

Heartfelt advice from a committed writer — what a gift to us all! Bravo, David — write on!



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