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My good friend Hank Quense — author, premier marketer, and self-publishing expert — has done it again! Just when I think he can’t top himself in terms of the tools he offers writers at all stages, he surprises me! This time around, Hank has created an amazing asset for us all: The Writers & Authors Resource Center: https://www.writersarc.com/

The website is designed to help:

• authors looking for help on self-publishing
• authors looking for help with book marketing.
• fiction writers working on honing their craft.

Writers ARC is a members-only site, but membership is free and so is much of the content; any fee-paid content is very reasonably priced. I’ve just joined and can’t wait to check out all the advice and tips Hank has gathered in one place — what a wonderful job he’s done! The site is super easy to navigate, which I love, and it’s also incredibly well-organized. Hank has an engineering background and really knows how to break information down in a user-friendly way.

Writers ARC includes a host of easy to access tools:

• Guides & Checklists

• Instructional Videos

• Online Courses

• Free Resources

A few of the resources you find on the site: “Writing a Story” Webinar, “Plots & Scenes = Emotional Arc,” Marketing how-tos, Self-publishing step-by-step plans of action — the list goes on and on. The site is packed with all the excellent webinars, online courses, and guides and checklists that Hank has created as an author and teacher to help all of us writers out there to hone our craft, self-publish our books efficiently, and market our work with savvy, cost-effective strategies.

What a wonderful resource Writers ARC is! I’ve taken several of Hank’s courses and know how good they are. I’ve also read his fantasies and enjoyed the imaginative worlds he’s created. I’m really excited that he’s gathering all his wonderful how-to guides, online courses, checklists and other tools in one place — and hope you’ll check it out and join.

Bravo, Hank — write and inspire on!

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