Beautiful Sound

A story: A young writer was interviewing a symphony orchestra conductor from Eastern Europe. The conductor had just been released from years in isolation in a prison because of his political view.

The reporter asked the maestro a series of questions about economic and political matters, then turned his attention to music. “What in your opinion,” he asked, “is the most beautiful piece of music ever written?

The conductor pondered the question for some time silently. The reporter pressed him for an answer by asking a different question: “While you were held in isolation what did you want most to hear? What music would have come to mind then as the most beautiful?”

“In the whole world?” asked the conductor.

“In the whole world!” the reporter answered.

“In the whole world,” the maestro said with tears in his eyes, “the most beautiful music is the sound of another voice.”

What a moving story! It reminds us all of the importance of staying connected, even in these difficult times. As writers who often spend a lot of time on our own, this is especially important. Sharing our thoughts and dreams and even our discouragement with fellow scribes and caring friends can help us stay motivated and on track.

So why not reach out to a fellow writer today? And why not give someone a call. “The most beautiful music is the sound of another voice” — how true this can be for all of us. Hearing the sound of a cherished voice may give you just the boost you need as we all write on.

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