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I put a piece of paper under my pillow, and when I could not sleep I wrote in the dark.”
Henry David Thoreau

We’ve all had our moments of white-hot inspiration — and perhaps you’ve created a small gem from one. If so, and it’s under 1500 words, you may want to consider polishing it until it sparkles and then submitting it to the Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition. Early bird deadline: January 15.

The first place prize winner will receive $3,000, national exposure in Writer’s Digestmagazine’s September/October 2021 issue, a paid trip to the popular Writer’s Digest Conference, and other prizes.

The second prize winner will receive $1,500, story publication in the September/October 2021 Writer’s Digest, and other prizes; and the third-place winner, national exposure, $500, and other prizes.

  • All entries must be submitted online. Entries must include the required entry fee.
  • Your entry must be original, in English, unpublished and unproduced, not accepted by any other publisher or producer at the time of submission. Writer’s Digest retains one-time nonexclusive publication rights to the winning entries to be published in a Writer’s Digest publication. Any piece posted online, anywhere other than a personal blog, is considered to have been published.
  • All manuscripts must be double-spaced. Entries files should not include name, address, or phone. Entries over the word limit will be disqualified. Type the exact word count (every single word, except title and contact information) at the top of the manuscript.

For more information visit Preparing Your Entry Page or FAQ page.

Contests can be a great way to jumpstart our creativity in the New Year as we all write on!

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