Positive Assumptions

What a difference a positive attitude makes! How it empowers us to fill our day with energy and creativity! To get us all started off in a sparkling, peppy “can-do” state of mind, here are “10 Positive Assumptions” to ponder and apply from the book, Betting on Yourself by Robert Anthony:

1. I will make and keep my commitments.

2. I will find the right people who can help me.

3. I will look for an answer to every problem.

4. I will give up “trying.”

5. I will make it okay to be “wrong” and make mistakes.

6. I will create my own “good luck.”

7. I will not be afraid to lose before I win.

8. I will do it NOW!

9. I will be who I am and become what I was meant to be.

10. I will accept that all things are possible.

What an inspiring set of “assumptions” to guide us! If we picked any one of these as a “mantra” for the day, what a gift we’d be giving ourselves! I especially like this one: “I will do it NOW!” I’m going to start with it and then keep going.

How about you? Is there one “positive assumption” that really leaps out at you? Why not write it down on a card and look at it from time to time during the day? Write on!


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