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I love success stories, don’t you? They inspire and embolden us to think that anything is possible and remind us that we, too, can make something magical happen if we find the courage to deliver on our dreams by putting them on paper and getting them published.

That’s why I was so excited to hear Andrew Marotta talk about his path to publication — how he became a newly minted author with not one, but two books out in the world and changing lives (

Andrew’s the proud principal of Port Jarvis HS. As a 16-year veteran on the front lines of education, he orchestrated a major turnaround of his institution. With years of experience, he had a boatload of advice to share with fellow educators. He spoke at an event where my great friend and mentor Dr. Rob Gilbert was also featured. After hearing Andrew’s dynamic talk, Rob said a sentence that changed Andrew’s life: “You should write a book!”

On fire with the idea, on his way home, Andrew came up with 90 tips, stories, and hard-earned wisdom he felt would help principals in schools across the country thrive and excel. His 90 pointers quickly grew to 125 — and he was off and running. Though he’d never been pegged as a writer during his own years in school, Andrew reached inside himself and found he had a book in him. The result? A hands-on guide called, THE PRINCIPAL: Surviving and Thriving, that’s not only given him the proud title of author, but also helped fuel a growing reputation as a speaker.

Originally self-published, THE PRINCIPAL was picked up by Routledge, an educational publishing house, and is also available on Audible. Inspired by his success, Andrew went on to write a second book and has several more on the way.

This is a tale of two success stories: Andrew’s because he found the grit and courage to turn his hard-earned experience into a book. And Rob Gilbert’s because he lit a fire under Andrew that’s turned into a blaze. Bravo, Andrew! Bravo, Rob! ** Write on!

** Check out Dr. Gilbert’s podcast:

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