Something Different

Snow is falling all around outside my windows, making everything feel different: The light is different. The feeling of being enclosed in my house is different — as if I were wrapped in a cocoon. The world outside my door is different — it’s softer and more still and everything is blended together, as if a hand had come down from the sky and brushed everything with a touch of harmony.

All this is making me feel different, too. I’m more relaxed — I’m writing this post later than usual, but time seems to be slowing down, too, and I’m feeling OK about this. It’s also making me feel like approaching my writing differently today, too — and that’s a good thing. Sometimes it helps to shake things up a bit, doesn’t it?

There are so many ways we can give our writing sessions a shot of adrenalin to pep them up and make them more playful and fun!

We can launch into our writing by starting at a different point. Instead of beginning where we left off, we can play around with a scene we’ve been thinking of — something that’s been percolating and seems intriguing but hasn’t taken form yet. We can catch the wisps of those ideas floating around in our head and get them down on paper.

We can let our imagination run wild and come up with the nugget of story that’s far afield from what we’re currently working on. We can transport ourselves to someplace totally different, conjure up a totally new set of characters, and see what happens.

We can try mapping out the next few scenes of our story — outlining them instead of our usual punster approach —- this one’s for you, Karin! — and see how that works for us.

We can interview a character who’s giving us problems or doesn’t seem to be coming to life. Dialoging with a character can be a great way to find out things about him or her that you didn’t know — surprising insights can crop up which you can bring to the pages of your draft.

I have a writer friend who just recently took a Shakespeare class for actors online — what a great idea! There’s something about getting out of your comfort zone that can really juice up your writing.

So let’s write differently today. If we do, chances are, we’ll be writing more dangerously. And let’s see what happens as we all write on!

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