“Well Done!”

“Well done is better than well said.” Benjamin Franklin

Turning to our friend Ben for wit and a bit of wisdom is always a good idea! Writer and Renaissance man, he knew a thing or two about getting things done. He also knew all too well that it’s often easier to talk about doing things than to actually get them done.

How many of us find ourselves talking instead of doing? Talking about a project we’re planning and how excited we are and then letting all the energy we need to tackle it fritter away in wordy wisps?

And yet, there’s so much power in actually doing, isn’t there? When we quiet ourselves and just get down to work, it’s satisfying isn’t it? Even if we hit rough patches, we still feel we’re on the right track and fighting the good fight: We’re wrestling with our work to make it stronger.

So let’s consider the power of being able to sit back after working hard and saying to ourselves, “Well done!”

“Well done!” — This quiets our inner critic — the one who’s always yammering on about how we’re making a mess of things. When we give ourselves a mental pat on the back, our critic slinks away.

“Well done!” — These words of praise acknowledge to ourselves the fact that we’ve made progress. We’ve pushed past whatever potholes we found in our way and gotten further down the road to completion.

“Well done!” — How empowering this phrase can be! It’s like rocket fuel, giving us a boost and the energy to keep our eye on the prize.

“Well done!” — These words set us up for a future that’s bright and shining. They prove to us that we have what it takes to tackle whatever our writing life hands us. They give us the wings to keep flying.

“Well done!” I love these two words! Let’s find a way today to move beyond saying to doing, so that when the day ends we can say to ourselves with gusto and good cheer, Well done!” Write on!

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