Abundance Everywhere

I love the word “abundance” – it feels full and rich, doesn’t it? My trusty Century Dictionary says it all, defining abundance as: “overflowing plenty, copious or ample sufficiency, profusion, affluence, also abounding or rich in something.” Its root, translated from Latin, means to “rise up in waves.” So when we think and cultivate abundance, we are stimulating good things to rise up and flow toward us, to pour out.

As writers, abundance is all around us. We may focus on lack – lack of time, lack of experience, lack of contacts — but we are really richly endowed with all that we need to craft and create the work we feel called to do. Abundance abounds: It constantly invites us to share in the plenty it offers. Consider all we have at our command to give and receive:

An abundance of words: As wordsmiths, how lucky we are! Words, the tools of our trade, are infinitely rich and easily available. Pick up a dictionary and hold it: Every word within it is ours to play with. As wordsmiths, we are rich beyond measure.

An abundance of ideas: Some people believe that ideas are hard to come by and genuinely original ones are rare and precious. And yet, ideas also abound. They are floating in the ether, just waiting to be summoned and nurtured into grand and exciting ventures. Who would have thought a musical about Alexander Hamilton was a great idea? Or a story about a man’s obsession with a whale? Or another biography of Washington or Lincoln?

An abundance of effort: Sure, we all have a lot to learn – and, hopefully, we are all striving to grow and to improve our craft. Yet, even now, today, in this moment, we have so much to offer! By putting in the time and effort: by working steadily and purposefully, we can enrich our skill.

An abundance of persistence: Whatever we are working on, we are free to bring plenty of stick-to-it-ive-ness to the table—in fact, we won’t get anywhere without it. And yet it’s abundantly available to all of us: No one can give it to us or take it from us — it’s ours. Let’s use it!

How rich we each are in all we need to grow and prosper and create. Write on!

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