You Can

“I’m stirred when someone says, ‘You can’t do it.’ I find the statement ‘You can’t’ offensive to the human spirit. We can be anything. Maybe this entire experience is a series of lessons to learn that you can — yes, you can.” Maya Angelou

What wisdom Maya shares with us here —- and how much we need to hear it! Every day, in ways large and small, we hear this kind of negative messaging — “You can’t do it.” “This is too hard, try something easier.” “You’re not good enough.” “You don’t have enough of this or that.” “Buy this and you’ll be better.”

Sometimes the toughest messages of all came from that voice inside us — that pesky little internal critic who’s always judging and finding fault. Always making sure that we don’t get too big for our britches — always putting us down to be sure we don’t get too uppity.

But what if we didn’t listen? What if we stood off to the side of ourselves with an open heart and an open mind? What if we took a tip from Maya’s uplifting words and said to ourselves, “I can be anything.” “Yes, I can.” “I’m just experiencing a series of lessons here so I can learn that I can do anything.”

Let’s change our self-talk! Let’s give up the part of us that wants to play small and run out onto a bigger field — the field of opportunity, the field of possibilities, the field of learning and growing.

Yes, let’s play on that larger field! There’s sunlight there and room to move around and make mistakes and learn from them and become bigger and better than we are now.

“Yes, you can” — let’s take Maya’s mantra and run with it! Write on!

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