Skill-building Strategy

“When you have the attitude and effort, the skill is not far behind.”

Love this quote! I don’t know where it came from — I scrawled it on a bit of paper and put in a place where I see it every day. Whoever said it know a thing or two about helping us all get where we want to go.

Attitude and effort — these are the twin tools of success, the rocket fuel for creativity, aren’t they? And isn’t that fantastic? Think about it! Both these tools are totally under our control — can put them to work for us right now. Today. This minute!

Attitude sets the stage. When we bring a fruitful attitude — a positive mindset — to our work, we signal to the universe that we are ready for action. We are in a frame of mind in which anything is possible.

An attitude of gratitude helps us come to the page with a feeling of abundance. And we have so much to be grateful for! We’re free to create, to imagine whole new worlds, to give our words wings.

An attitude of openness helps us welcome new ideas. We come to the page fresh and unfettered. We are ready and willing to welcome and play with our thoughts, our characters, our stories.

An attitude of listening lets us hear the calls of our hearts and the whispers of our intuition. We give the voice inside us the attention and nourishment it needs to bring us fresh insights and ideas.

The there’s effort — the taking action and doing. Getting thoughts down on paper. Playing with them. Revising and enriching. Not settling for less than the best. Pushing ourselves to do more, be more, say more.

Attitude and effort: When we bring them both to the page every day, our skills grow and ripen. Write on!

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