Blessings Abound

Count your garden by the flowers

Never by the leaves that fall;

Count your days by golden hours,

Don’t remember clouds at all.

Count the night by stars, not shadows,

Count your life by smiles, not tears,

And with joy on every birthday

Count your age by friends, not years.

This sweet poem by an unknown author reminds me of a story: Missionary Benjamin Weir was held hostage and imprisoned in Lebanon for 16 months. In the first interview he gave after his release, he was asked how he spent his time — how he dealt with boredom and despair, alone and fearful. His answer stunned the reporters covering his release. What did he do? His simply said, “Count my blessings.”

“Blessings?” they responded.

“Yes,” he explained. “Some days I got to take a shower. Sometimes there were some vegetables in my food. And I could always be thankful for the love of my family.”

What a gift it is to be able to remember and count all our blessings! As writers—as creative spirits—we have so many to be thankful for:

The blessing of our imaginations and all the places they take us.

The blessing of sharing our ideas, hopes, dreams, even our fears.

The blessing of community—like-minded souls who support us.

The blessing of putting our hands and hearts to work we love.

Let’s always remember to count our blessings as we all write on!

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