Flying Forward

Sometimes fear stifles our forward motion, doesn’t it? We want everything we write to be perfect, to be the best — and the fear that it won’t pour onto the page exactly as we envision it can stop us in our tracks. We let fear frighten us.

Fear that we won’t be the gifted story tellers we so want to be. Fear that we ca’t do justiceto our ideas or our ideals. Fear that we haven’t really got what it takes and shouldn’t be acting as if we did. Fear that we are going to be rejected as we have been in the past.

But what if we simply laid all these fears down? What if we just decided to choose forward motion and let our words flow freely? What if we just decided to let our joyful rhythms carry us and made “a joyful noise” with our words, letting them flow out of us?

When we set fear down for a while — just gently put it off to the side and quietly go about our business — so often, it fades away.

When we choose forward motion over fear, the universe supports us. Haven’t you found that to be true in your work?

The universe wants us to move forward, to learn, to change and grow. It doesn’t want us to stand still, to stay in our comfort zones. It doesn’t smile on our self-imposed limitations— it sighs at them. Often it finds ways to gently nudge us forward. If we find the courage to take just take a few steps forward on our own, despite our fears, it rewards us with fresh ideas and flashes of inspiration.

The universe takes joy in creation — in the way we break loose and stretch our minds and open our hearts when we let go of fear and fly. Forward motion creates energy and the more we do, the more we find we can do.

When we fight our fears and try to resist them, they often get bigger, don’t they? What we resist, persists — so the saying goes. And how true it is! So let’s take a different path. Let’s simply see our fears and gently but firmly set them aside. Just for today. Just for now, let’s embrace forward motion and see where it takes us as we all write on!

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