Your Path

“Your difficulties are not obstacles on the path, they are the path. Ezra Bayda

A bit of a riddle here, isn’t it? How can difficulties we face on our writing path be the path itself?

Here’s what springs to mind for me: The choices we make and the obstacles we wrestle with become the path we take. We create our path as we go, writing day after day, improving our craft, struggling and triumphing, falling down and getting up again.

Every time we face a thorny plot point or wayward characters who challenges us to be more resourceful in conjuring them up, we are creating our path.

Every time a fresh idea comes to us and we feel compelled to run with it and see where it takes us, we are breaking new ground and forging a path that’s ours alone.

Every time we face rejection, but keep on working, pushing ourselves to make what we’ve written better, stronger, and truer, we are constructing the path that will ultimately take us where we want to go, wherever that may be for each of us.

Every time we meet resistance — every time we don’t feel like writing, but write anyway — we are building a path, we are living the writing life. How? We’ve learned to resist resistance — we know that feelings aren’t facts and that once we get started we can keep going. Every time we overcome inertia and gain momentum, we are creating our path.

There is no one path to writing. Instead, there are as many paths as there are writers. And the difficulties we face and overcome help create the path that’s ours alone. Comforting, isn’t it, to know that the only obstacles on your path are the fears that keep you from taking the next step and the next. And that these are paper tigers we can brush away. Write on!

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