Another Step

“I will persist…I will always take another step. If that is to no avail, I will take another, and yet another.” Og Mandino

Ultimately a successful author, motivational speaker, and mystic, Og was a picture of persistence. He failed in life many times before he found his calling: inspiring others to seek their own true calling and fulfill their potential.

What’s the core of his message here? “Always take another step.” And the good news? There is always another step we can take, wherever we are. How encouraging it is to know this,isn’t it? And what a gift to be able to remind ourselves of this small, but powerful truth — there’s always another step we can take.

On our writing path, taking this to heart can be such a powerful motivator! Consider all the situations where taking another step, and then another, if we falter again, can help us find our way.

We can always take another step if we feel we’ve hit a pothole in our writing. We can always write one more sentence, one more paragraph. We can take a fresh look at a character or a plot point or a perspective.

We can always take another step if we feel blocked or sluggish about writing. We can stop and research an aspect of a story and gain fresh insights and angles on it.

We can always take another step if we encounter rejection. We can revise and strengthen our work or find new avenues of publication that look more promising and pursue them.

Or we can take another step by retreating — by stepping back and letting a project percolate while we start something new. Sometimes just giving a project space and air to breathe and reorient itself is the best step we can take on the road to completing it.

Yes, how wonderful to know that we are never really stuck. There’s always another step we can take. Persistence is like a string of steps, a string of pearls. When we take that next step and then the next one, we strengthen our persistence, our resilience. And eventually all those steps add up and create something that didn’t exist before. Write on!

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