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“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” Goethe

Get Started! Do you have an idea you’re fired up about? Instead of simply thinking and dreaming about it, take action! Make something happen. Get it down on paper. Get excited and energized about it. The more you write, the more you’ll want to write.

Take action — this message was at the heart of the workshop “Write My Book: Surviving and Thriving,” hosted by Andrew Marotta, an author, educator, and engine of enthusiasm (

Talk about being fired up! When Andrew describes his writing journey, you can see the sparks flying! He’s the author of The School Principal: Surviving and Thriving and The School Leader: Surviving and Thriving, two inspiring handbooks on creative leadership. He and his workshop team, Marlene Froelich of EduMatch Publishing and Rick Jetter, educator and author, offered some practical tips on putting pen to paper and fingers to the keyboard:

Harness the Power of One Idea: All you need to get started is one idea that you’re fired up about. Andrew’s writing journey began when Dr. Rob Gilbert* heard him speak about his experiences and insights as a high-school principal and urged him to write a book and get his ideas to a wider audience.

Get it Down: Whether you’re experienced or aspiring writer, your biggest challenge is getting your idea out of your head and onto the page. How do you get started? You simply start. Get a notebook or open a computer file and just start jotting your ideas down. Once you open the spigot, they’ll keep coming. Soon, as Rick Jetter says, you’ll get “addicted” to the process and you’ll be off and running.

Share and Serve: When you have a goal that’s bigger than you are, your words and ideas take flight. Think about who you want to reach, why you want to reach them, what impact you want to have. And think big! Andrew’s goal is to get his message about surviving and thriving out to every principal in America. What’s yours? Who do you want to reach?

Keep Going: Writing is a journey — you’ll hit potholes, but just keep moving forward. You’ll make mistakes along the way. So what? Fix them and learn from them and grow from them. Momentum matters.

Bravo, Andrew — inspire on! And now, emboldened and encouraged, let’s all make a difference by writing on.

*Check out Dr. Rob Gilbert’s wonderful Success Hotline: 973.743.4690

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