Overcoming Obstacles

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” Bruce Lee

Bruce’s wise words are echoed by a comment from a pithy calendar of advice from Spartan Up!”— how insightful and on target they are:

“No matter what form an obstacle takes in life, it usually isn’t supposed to be there. We assert that you can develop a mindset that allows your instincts to take over when something appears in front of you from out of the blue. Once trained, your mind isn’t clouded by the confusion wrought by the unexpected. Instead, the unexpected obstacle sharpens your focus. You can process the new data and adjust on the fly to new circumstances.”

I know, I know! We’re not out in the mud and misery and exhilaration of a Spartan competition testing our physical limits. But we all face unexpected obstacles that block our writing path, just as Spartan contenders do on their roads to victory. How do we cope? Our Spartan words of advice offer some clues:

We can expect the unexpected. The first step to overcoming an obstacle is to face it and accept it, rather than wondering why it’s cropped up or losing ourselves in moaning about the unfairness of it. Obstacles are.

We can develop a “mindset that allows” us to respond instinctively when a roadblock crops up, instead of feeling “clouded by confusion.” By arming ourselves mentally beforehand—we can be better prepared to handle whatever comes our way.

We can use obstacles to sharpen our focus. When we view obstacles as part of the journey and bring a positive mindset to confronting them, they can actually help us instead of hindering us: They can help us see more clearly what we want and the steps we need to take to succeed.

We can learn to be more resilient. We can learn to “process new data and adjust on the fly to new circumstances.” The more we relax about the roadblocks we encounter, the more resilient we become. We can quickly shift our gears, adjust to our new reality and move forward with confidence and renewed energy.

Roadblocks on our writing path: stumbling blocks or stepping stones? The choice is ours as we all write on!

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