One Word

Could it be true? Could one word have a miraculous, life-changing impact? Could one of the shortest words in the English language also be one of the most powerful ones?

Just one word…

One amazing word! One word that can magically transform a negative attitude into a positive one.

One word that can make you feel hopeful when you’re feeling hopeless.

One word that will lift you up and open a path to a better future.

Are you wondering what the word is? This amazing, life-changing, three-letter word?

Drum roll! Here it is:

YET. *

Why this word? Stay with me for a moment.

There are basically two attitudes that you can bring to any situation: The “I can’t do it” attitude and the “I can’t do it YET” attitude.

Consider Thomas Edison. He embodies the YET mindset. It took him three thousand experiments, three thousand attempts, before he found the right filament for the lightbulb. But he never stopped trying. He knew the power of YET. He just kept on going.

When you use the words, “I can’t do it” — that’s a full stop, that’s failure. You close the door to possibilities, to change, to growth.

“I can’t do it YET’ — these words are an open door. When you use the word “yet” — you are really say, “Yes, I can make this happen.” You’re telling yourself that if you work harder, rustle up more resources, get help or whatever you need, you’ll achieve something eventually.

“I can’t do it YET” — that’s not failure, that’s delayed success. That’s the Thomas Edison mindset — the can-do mindset.

Let’s go for delayed success! When we hit a roadblock, let’s watch our words. Let’s say, “I can’t do it YET,” or “I haven’t figured it out YET.”

What words magic hold, don’t they? Let’s YET our way to success as we all write on!

*Many thanks to Dr. Rob Gilbert for this inspiring insight. Be sure to check out his daily motivational tips on The Success Hotline Podcast!

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2 Responses to One Word

  1. Bing Chang says:

    A big lie can consist of 99% of the truth, YET one question mark can lead one’s mind astray.

  2. Hi Bing,
    Thanks so much for sharing this insight. What you say is so true! YET is a small word but a powerful one.

    Write on,

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