Keep Smiling!

“It cannot be considered success unless you are smiling.” Joe De Sena

A devoted fan once asked Bruce Springsteen how he kept his concerts so fresh time after time. Bruce thought about the question for a moment and then replied that he approached every show as if it were the last one he was giving, but he also remembered that when he went out on stage, in the end, it was just rock and roll.

What a great way to think about our own creative work — that it’s important, but that it’s also fun. It also great to remind ourselves not to take ourselves too seriously.

When we’re poised, yet relaxed, we’re signaling to the universe that we are ready to receive. And when we smile and tackle the day’s work with a light touch, magical things can happen! So let’s take a tip from Bruce:

Let’s remember that our work is important, that it matters.

Let’s also remember that it’s a gift to create and enjoy the ride!

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously, let’s not strain and stress.

Let’s find ways to take breaks throughout the day to refresh ourselves.

Let’s smile as we work—let’s bring joy and happiness to the page.

Let’s remember to be grateful that we can do work we love.

Let’s cherish each day and make it the best day ever!

Write on!

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