Attitude Ahoy!

“It’s your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude.” Zig Ziglar

Amazing but true: A Harvard Business School study identified four critical factors related to success: information, intelligence, skill, and attitude. When these factors were ranked in order of importance in terms of their impact on achieve in success, the study found that information, intelligence, and skill combined added up to 7% and attitude accounted for 93%!

Can it really be true? Can 93% of our success in work and in life be the result of attitude alone? When you think about it, it makes total sense, doesn’t it? Our attitude — how we approach the challenges we face and the circumstances that come our way has everything to do with the outcomes we achieve.

Consider the 10,000 trials that Thomas Edison went through to invent the lightbulb.When someone asked him how he handled failing 10,000 times before he finally found the right materials he responded that he didn’t fail 10,000 times, he learned 10,000 ways how not to create a lightbulb! How could he not succeed with a can-do attitude like that?

So let’s walk on the su;Nancy side of the street today.

When an obstacle crops up, let’s see it as an opportunity to grow, to be more creative, to tap our ingenuity in overcoming it.

When we face rejection, let’s remember Thomas and the 10,000 trials.

When we’re feeling low, let’s take action instead of sinking down. Actions change attitudes, motion changes emotion, movement changes moods, according to my good friend and mentor, Rob Gilbert.*

And when we feel ground down by something that’s happened, let’s gather our grit and tap into our gratitude. When we’re grateful, we release positive energy and this can shift our mood—and our strategy.

Attitude is a decision—let’s choose wisely as we all write on!

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